Flower App revisa

Five levels or two?

I've played this on the PS3 and made it through multiple levels there. For some reason I can't open anything past the second level here... Pretty sure I collected all the flowers, too. Feel like I wasted a few dollars on it now. 🤨

Really good 😃

My opinion may be biased because the first time I played this game it was on my PS4 and I loved it, but on my phone it’s kinda glitchy. On the white flower level it jumped h a r d and I couldn’t turn multiple times and the wind looked funny while I was flying down the road. Also I highly think that there should be a music/audio adjuster on the phone, because when I collected all of the hidden flower to get the final hidden room I was really excited for the music. It sounds great on the tv when I play it on my console, but it was kinda drowned out on my phone by the background nature sounds, which sound equally as nice, was louder than the peaceful guitar. But all in all it’s a great game.

Where is the end?

Every time I never get past the fourth level, no matter how long I play. Is that the end of the game? Is there more? I have no idea.

Not enough ( Cyrus Rose- gossip girl)

Please tell me there is more coming?

Update from 1 star to 3

Okay I am starting to finally get the hang of the game. I am on the 2nd part of the game just got the first part completed. Still kind of confusing. Hard to move in the game. Beautiful graphics and music. I still think this game is over priced. Very relaxing now that I am finally getting the hang of it. I wish that you could save it sooner though. I have to use both hands to control it my left thumb I had to have surgery on so it makes it kind of hard. I will update when I get further in the game.

Everyone is a critic 🙃

So many harsh reviews based off of user preferences and user error. This game I wouldn’t consider a hidden gem but games that are hidden gems get buried under bad reviews from people who clearly have no idea how to criticize a game. “Great game!...but!!” Is on 90 percent of all reviews. You guys sheep? Anyways that’s enough of that. I’m giving 5 stars just because this game deserves at least 4 and the extra star to make up for the other awful reviews. 10/10 would be a leaf again

No controls. Awful gameplay.

This would have been a beautiful game. I usually enjoy minimalist games but this one is missing a navigation system The only way to interact with the game is by tilting and rotating my iPad. After four hours of trying to complete level one, I wound up with aching wrists and a game on my scrapheap. There is no level save or any save at all. If you leave the game, you have to start over. A major waste of five bucks!

IT NEVER SAVES!!! *must read*

This game has amazing graphics, visuals, and all sorts of awesome parts that make the game cool. I, not like the other reviews, do not think the controls are that bad. But the reason I gave it 3 stars was because IT NEVER SAVES! literally, whenever you go out of the game and then start it up again, you start off right at the beginning again! Are you supposed to play the game in one day completely through the whole thing? There should at least be a save and quit button, or maybe it should just auto-save like maybe, hmmm, ALMOST ALL THE MOBILE GAMES IN THE WORLD!!!!???????!!!! So, that’s my thinking. Buyers, please read this before you spend 5 BUCKS on playing the first 5 minutes of a game over and over again. 😡😡😡.


Beautiful, almost made me cry. A few more updates would do good for the game.

This Game is Gorgeous

Flower is a game that captures the idea of color and peace. These concepts are some of the premises and ideas for art. While many believe that art is something that is seen in a museum, this game breaks that boundary. The music is beautifully orchestrated and the amount of detail and color in each level shows that even an iOS game can be defined as art.

Not a fan

There are not enough levels it’s crazy that I payed almost $6 for a game that I finished in 3 days. Also the controls for this game are difficult and I find myself facing the ground the whole time in order to hit certain flowers. And some of the levels are so dark they are hard to play because of the glare from lights of my surroundings. Not a game I would recommend.


Great game. Relaxing and fun way to escape. However, I spent 4.99 and the game only had like 5 levels. I was done in two days. Too bad.

Unlike any other

This is a beautiful creation. For those who have not yet heard of Flower, this is a game that explores the gracefulness of nature, the harmony of light, and the depths of darkness. Anyone who is willing to take eccentric journeys or has a love of artistic, emotionally expressive, and earthy apps, try your hand with this one. It is really unlike any other.

Don’t be fooled.

I really wanted to like this game. Unfortunately, it’s origin as a PlayStation game really shows. I think the problem that so many people have with controls is related to the fact that they were designed by gamers for gamers. They are hypersensitive, if you have not trained your reflexes to deal with extremely sensitive controls it is almost impossible to navigate the game smoothly. This is made worse by the fact that frequently the game will decide I need to see something and will take over the controls and fly me someplace I didn’t want to go without any warning. Trying to go more slowly means starting and stopping constantly, and since starting in motion begins by having you pulled backwards before you move forwards the entire process becomes erratic and jerky. Sometimes you need to get all the flowers, sometimes you don’t. I haven’t been able to figure out how to tell which are which. Ultimately, it’s this lack of feedback or information (am i in control? Do i have to blow on these flowers? Did i miss some? Where am i?) that mars what could have been a fun, relaxing game.

Glad to know it’s not just me...

...who finds the controls on this otherwise delightful game to be maddening. The tilt controls are really difficult to control; it’s not clear, for example, how to move down closer to the ground while moving forward. Sometimes you find yourself flying up in the air for no apparent reason. You have to be careful not to tilt your phone/iPad forward too far or your screen will flip on you. Also, the left-right tilt controls are unpredictable, at times moving left when you tilt right and at other times vice versa. The seemingly arbitrary nature of the controls can be really frustrating and mar an otherwise beautiful experience. If this were improved, this would be a five-star game.

Wanted to love it

I am probably a game rookie, but I couldn’t figure out how to save my place. Not useful.

Literal art.

The first time I played Flower, it was at an exhibition of influential video games at the Modern Art Museum in DC’s Chinatown. It was about 2013/2014, and I was pretty young. Other games, like Wind Waker and Myst were there. I don’t remember them, though. I remember Flower- this small, short game from a no-name company- so vividly, I can still call on the feelings I felt playing it the first time. It’s so serene, so borderline magical that it will absorb you into it. People complain about the mobile controls. It wasn’t easier to control on the PS3. People complain about the size and battery usage. It’s a PS game ported to mobile. This game does not deserve any negativity whatsoever. Please check it out.

Truly Beautiful

Flower has changed my entire gaming experience. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and definitely worth the five bucks. I played the whole game in only two sittings. I give it five stars for absolute perfection, except for the fact it drains your battery (See, I would have played it in one sitting, but my device died in the process). This is understandable though, because the graphics and the details are stunning. This is truly a masterpiece. 🌸🌸🌸

Not enough levels!

I had loved this game so much then said “GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!” there is only 6 levels for 5 dollars! If I were you I would go and get a different game. The money you will spend on this game is not worth it.


Play this game right before going to sleep with the sound on, I slept like a baby last night.


The controls are rough I will tell you that, had a few moments of frustration, but the visuals and the whole “experience” is amazing. It truly is an experience. You feel like you are a soul traveling the universe. So beautiful and unexpectedly moving.

Beautiful game but disappointed iPad user.

Disappointed I thought this was a meditative game like it is on the console but nope you’ve got to use your arms to tilt this around. Possibly interesting on a iphone but a ridiculous notion for iPad users. I guess they recently updated with touch controls but the touch controls are almost non-functioning. So if you were looking for the same, save your money, hopefully they’ll improve. It’s such a shame I love this game so much. Where do I contact someone to get my money back as I won’t be able to use it the way it works now.

Not worth the cost

I really liked this game, but literally finished it the same evening I got it. For the graphics and game play, I’d pay $1.99 or $2.99 for it, but $4.99 was way too much for five(?) levels. Kind of sad about it because it’s definitely beautiful, and is relaxing compared to other games i play.

So disappointed

Goes to show you that “art” is in the eye of the beholder. Boring and unimaginative with sloppy gameplay. Decent graphics but not worth the $5.


This is an amazing game and it deserves all five stars. It is fun and stress relieving. The graphics are out of this world. Really awesome. I really like the way the stream of petals moves, It really reminds me of a Chinese dragon for some reason🐲 awesome game and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Great job👍

Calm and interesting 🌼🌸🌼🌸

I bought this game for my PS3 back in 2009 and it’s always been one of my favorites. From the simple but vibrant graphics to the peaceful soundtrack.I am so glad I can carry this beautiful and imaginative game with me where ever I go.

Updated and not playable now.

Awesome game!

5 stars


Newest update improves visuals

The latest update lost my 100% save file. The touch controls are nice but could still use a sensitivity slider. Flower on the PS3/PS4 is my #2 favorite game of all time. But this update brought with it a significant downgrade in visuals. I’m sure it has to do with performance but it ran just fine the way it was on my iPhone 7. Update: The visuals are now back to how they originally were. Almost perfect.

Where is the SAVE button??

Gave it three stars bc I have to restart this game all of the time. I love this game and it’s beautiful, but I’m tired of having to start over and over again. Please make my $5 worth while and add this.

Update 1.2 is bad

Wiped out all prior progress levels, and now causes motion sickness. No longer relaxing.

Very relaxing game

At the beginnings I used to get lost until I noticed you just need to follow the white mark on the grass, this game is impressive I really enjoy it I would like to find more games like this one.


The game is too short. You can finish it in in an hour. Once you’re done, there is nothing else interesting to keep you replaying it. I just deleted it after I finished all six levels. Each level takes about ten minutes. This game is not worth more than a dollar. Don’t waist your money on it.

Beautiful game but...

The graphics of this game are stunning. However, I’ve noticed it starts to glitch after awhile where it is difficult to even look at. But that may just be an update that’ll happen soon. Also..how do you save your progress?

How long is learning curve?

Yes it’s pretty...but not simple or intuitive. How long is learning curve on this? I’m in “frustration” mode trying to get the hang of it. Can’t find tutorial or instructions on how to use.

Game crashes

The game looks incredible and plays great on my iPad Air 1, the only problem is it keeps crashing in the same spot on level 2 just as I'm approaching a wall. This game needs some kind of in game save system so when it crashes you don't have to replay game levels over and over. Maybe with an in game save I can actually finish this game. Also when I got this game the description said it ran on iOS 10, and now the game description now says the game requires iOS 11 and I went through the list of game updates and see that it was made compatible with iOS 11 and iPhone X but not that the game now requires it since it still works on iOS 10.3 I bought this game because it was compatible with iOS and if I update my iPad I will loose a lot of older apps that aren't compatible with iOS 11. So is it a typo or do I now own a game that won't work because of an update?

Worth to try ...

The graphic is great and feel relaxed. But it’s a little bit hard to control.

Too hard to enjoy

Should be a relaxing game, however frustrate me more. It is really hard to control the direction, even to get to one flower is hard enough. Could you make it less sensitive so people lie can really enjoy it?

Not sure why I paid $5 for this...

I bought this game bc it had good reviews. And wanted something different. And now that I paid $5 for it I’m not really sure why. So boring...want my money back...

great art

Great art, great concept, very appealing. Suppose to be a very relaxing game, and I imagine playing on PS4 will turn out that way. But the control system they use on the phone app is super annoying and could ruin your experience with the game. Would give it a 5 even with the worst control choice ever but there are stages where you need somewhat more accurate control to go through and the tilt is just screwing you over and over again till it become anger instead of relax. So I give it a 3. Highly recommended if you appreciate zen and beauty. If you are a challenger, go through the whole game, if you are just playing to relax, I’d say stop at stage 3 or 4 right now. Cause the up coming stage with the current control system might give you anxiety.


After completing the first level, the computational load of tracking all the floating petals made the latency of control movements unworkable. Very pretty floating petals, though...

Beauty for your mind and heart

This is what digital can be: something to feed your mind and breathe beauty.

I loved the game

I really loved the game and it had a good message, I was disapointed that it ended so soon, I was expecting it to have more flowers and multiple levels, I finished the whole game in 2 days, but it was still fun anyway. Btw, I’m a bit confused about the message, I have an idea in my head to I want to make sure I’m on the same page as the game, someone pease tell me the message behind The game. Thank you!


i love this game. used to play it on playstation, stoked that there's a phone app now. kinda frustrated that i can't seem to save -- i make a lot of progress and i need to restart every time.


I’d have to say, playing around looking for apps on AppStore isn’t the best way to kill time. But, Flower is. I would play this 24/7. The graphics are absolutely stunning! The music...is so serene. The controls are easy. You catch onto it right away, no skill or anything necessary. Just tilt your device in your desired direction and hold the screen. You start out a a small little flower, in a vast landscape of green grass, little boulders, and sun, the wind collecting flowers as you go. This game is wonderful! Worth the $5. I recommend to anyone who needs something relaxing and beautiful.

Amazing game

Once you collect 2nd petal the controls become much easier. The graphics are amazing. Don’t be in a rush - this is to be enjoyed! Very intuitive for the most part. I got stuck at one place in the blue flower, but found a walkthru that helped me out. The only thing I would have liked would be a reset button so I could replay the game without deleting and resetting. I highly recommend this game!

Super emotional! THE BEST!!

I’ve never encountered a game like this in my life!! It’s so relaxing, peaceful, meaningful, and emotional!! I wish more to this type of game existed in this world instead of guns and shooting games. The theme of this game is so wondrous, tears almost dripped down from my eyes as I flow as a single flower petal, healing the world, healing myself.

5 star game, but probs with app

I love this game and this company, and one thing I love about the game is the music, so it's unsatisfying that I can't get any sound at all out of this app. I hope that I can figure that out or that it gets fixed or whatever so I can give this five stars!

Stunning and Unique

All I can say is wow. The graphics and animation are gorgeous, entertaining gameplay even without much of a story, amazing atmosphere that's enhanced by the music... every single level is different and beautiful. I adore this game so much. I only wish it supported older iOS versions so I could have played it without updating.

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