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This is an amazing game and it deserves all five stars. It is fun and stress relieving. The graphics are out of this world. Really awesome. I really like the way the stream of petals moves, It really reminds me of a Chinese dragon for some reason🐲 awesome game and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Great job👍

Calm and interesting 🌼🌸🌼🌸

I bought this game for my PS3 back in 2009 and it’s always been one of my favorites. From the simple but vibrant graphics to the peaceful soundtrack.I am so glad I can carry this beautiful and imaginative game with me where ever I go.

Updated and not playable now.

Awesome game!

5 stars


Newest update improves visuals

The latest update lost my 100% save file. The touch controls are nice but could still use a sensitivity slider. Flower on the PS3/PS4 is my #2 favorite game of all time. But this update brought with it a significant downgrade in visuals. I’m sure it has to do with performance but it ran just fine the way it was on my iPhone 7. Update: The visuals are now back to how they originally were. Almost perfect.

Where is the SAVE button??

Gave it three stars bc I have to restart this game all of the time. I love this game and it’s beautiful, but I’m tired of having to start over and over again. Please make my $5 worth while and add this.

Update 1.2 is bad

Wiped out all prior progress levels, and now causes motion sickness. No longer relaxing.

Very relaxing game

At the beginnings I used to get lost until I noticed you just need to follow the white mark on the grass, this game is impressive I really enjoy it I would like to find more games like this one.


The game is too short. You can finish it in in an hour. Once you’re done, there is nothing else interesting to keep you replaying it. I just deleted it after I finished all six levels. Each level takes about ten minutes. This game is not worth more than a dollar. Don’t waist your money on it.

Beautiful game but...

The graphics of this game are stunning. However, I’ve noticed it starts to glitch after awhile where it is difficult to even look at. But that may just be an update that’ll happen soon. Also..how do you save your progress?

How long is learning curve?

Yes it’s pretty...but not simple or intuitive. How long is learning curve on this? I’m in “frustration” mode trying to get the hang of it. Can’t find tutorial or instructions on how to use.

Game crashes

The game looks incredible and plays great on my iPad Air 1, the only problem is it keeps crashing in the same spot on level 2 just as I'm approaching a wall. This game needs some kind of in game save system so when it crashes you don't have to replay game levels over and over. Maybe with an in game save I can actually finish this game. Also when I got this game the description said it ran on iOS 10, and now the game description now says the game requires iOS 11 and I went through the list of game updates and see that it was made compatible with iOS 11 and iPhone X but not that the game now requires it since it still works on iOS 10.3 I bought this game because it was compatible with iOS and if I update my iPad I will loose a lot of older apps that aren't compatible with iOS 11. So is it a typo or do I now own a game that won't work because of an update?

Worth to try ...

The graphic is great and feel relaxed. But it’s a little bit hard to control.

Too hard to enjoy

Should be a relaxing game, however frustrate me more. It is really hard to control the direction, even to get to one flower is hard enough. Could you make it less sensitive so people lie can really enjoy it?

Not sure why I paid $5 for this...

I bought this game bc it had good reviews. And wanted something different. And now that I paid $5 for it I’m not really sure why. So boring...want my money back...

great art

Great art, great concept, very appealing. Suppose to be a very relaxing game, and I imagine playing on PS4 will turn out that way. But the control system they use on the phone app is super annoying and could ruin your experience with the game. Would give it a 5 even with the worst control choice ever but there are stages where you need somewhat more accurate control to go through and the tilt is just screwing you over and over again till it become anger instead of relax. So I give it a 3. Highly recommended if you appreciate zen and beauty. If you are a challenger, go through the whole game, if you are just playing to relax, I’d say stop at stage 3 or 4 right now. Cause the up coming stage with the current control system might give you anxiety.


After completing the first level, the computational load of tracking all the floating petals made the latency of control movements unworkable. Very pretty floating petals, though...

Beauty for your mind and heart

This is what digital can be: something to feed your mind and breathe beauty.

I loved the game

I really loved the game and it had a good message, I was disapointed that it ended so soon, I was expecting it to have more flowers and multiple levels, I finished the whole game in 2 days, but it was still fun anyway. Btw, I’m a bit confused about the message, I have an idea in my head to I want to make sure I’m on the same page as the game, someone pease tell me the message behind The game. Thank you!


i love this game. used to play it on playstation, stoked that there's a phone app now. kinda frustrated that i can't seem to save -- i make a lot of progress and i need to restart every time.


I’d have to say, playing around looking for apps on AppStore isn’t the best way to kill time. But, Flower is. I would play this 24/7. The graphics are absolutely stunning! The music...is so serene. The controls are easy. You catch onto it right away, no skill or anything necessary. Just tilt your device in your desired direction and hold the screen. You start out a a small little flower, in a vast landscape of green grass, little boulders, and sun, the wind collecting flowers as you go. This game is wonderful! Worth the $5. I recommend to anyone who needs something relaxing and beautiful.

Amazing game

Once you collect 2nd petal the controls become much easier. The graphics are amazing. Don’t be in a rush - this is to be enjoyed! Very intuitive for the most part. I got stuck at one place in the blue flower, but found a walkthru that helped me out. The only thing I would have liked would be a reset button so I could replay the game without deleting and resetting. I highly recommend this game!

Super emotional! THE BEST!!

I’ve never encountered a game like this in my life!! It’s so relaxing, peaceful, meaningful, and emotional!! I wish more to this type of game existed in this world instead of guns and shooting games. The theme of this game is so wondrous, tears almost dripped down from my eyes as I flow as a single flower petal, healing the world, healing myself.

5 star game, but probs with app

I love this game and this company, and one thing I love about the game is the music, so it's unsatisfying that I can't get any sound at all out of this app. I hope that I can figure that out or that it gets fixed or whatever so I can give this five stars!

Stunning and Unique

All I can say is wow. The graphics and animation are gorgeous, entertaining gameplay even without much of a story, amazing atmosphere that's enhanced by the music... every single level is different and beautiful. I adore this game so much. I only wish it supported older iOS versions so I could have played it without updating.


Just got the game, I get to the part in the beginning when it says “Press & Hold”, I did that then I see the city with the car light lines, then it goes black I hear music. And then i’m at my home screen.


I spent 4 dollars on a game that glitches and shows different flashes of colors😡

Just OK

It’s a pretty game and fun collecting the flowers. But, there is only 6 levels. How can you relax with that. Have a free play option where you can roam where you want would be nice. Not worth the $5 I paid for it.

Bad controls

Extremely difficult to control. Could have easily been adjusted if the team bothered to have some common consumers test this out before launching. Awful.

Pretty game with some frustrating problems

Flower is nothing if not stunning. The graphics are simple and beautiful. A game without set objectives, but you still feel accomplishment, especially when you stop moving for a minute to see the world around you and how colorful your collection of petals are. HOWEVER I could not find myself fully relaxing and immersing myself in the experience. For one thing, the controls are spotty as hell. Sometimes, I would wind up flying in circles on its own or being unable to turn. The tilt controls made me more focus on the controls than the experience. How hard would it have been to introduce a more traditional button-control system? With simple turn arrows and an accelerate button? Also, if you start a chapter, you have to go through it completely. Don’t even think about pausing, otherwise the app may crash on you, forcing you to start the chapter from the very beginning. So annoying and not fun.


Ok first of all, this game has the best graphics ever. So simple yet so elegant and it tells a beautiful story without words. The best game over all but, I completed it in one day. I mean come on it’s really fun but I didn’t want it to end and I’m very disappointed that it ended so quickly. That’s the only reason why I didn’t give it five stars. I wish that there were multiple cities to do. Like different levels. Or there was flower, flower 2, flower 3 and so on. Or make another game like it with animals that would be awesome! Or people even. It is one of my favorite games but it could be better. Please take my thoughts into consideration and I’m sure I’m not the only person with them. Thank you all for creating such a beautiful and relaxing app for everyone. I can’t imagine the time it took to make this game so please keep making stuff like this. Thank you again

Wow, just like... wow

I got the game yesterday and I finished it yesterday, it is short but it definitely gives ya the feels. The game seems so bright and cheery but then turns to the worse. Then when all hope is lost, colour is found within the darkness.

Seizure inducing strobing glitch

Can't play on iPhone 7 plus without massive glitching color strobing effect. Definitely something wrong. Emailed the developer with no response. Wasted $5

Great game, terrible controls

The game is beautiful and filled with potential. And impossible to play unless sitting upright. I wish there was an option for controls that weren’t motion based.


I wish I could get a refund on this piece of trash they call a game

Weird graphics glitch?

Man, I wish I could attach my screen record. About 10 mins into playing the game for the first time and the screen on my iPhone X starts flashing crazy colors. Back of phone also got super hot. Really bizarre. Also, the controls really are as difficult as they say. I might use the app just to fly around the gorgeous landscape and unwind from time to time but I doubt I’ll manage any serious gameplay out of this. I’ve also noticed that the controls will invert randomly. One minute tilting right is moves you right until it suddenly brings you left. You can’t halt properly so sometimes you miss your target even if you’ve lifted your finger off the screen a good three seconds prior.


Great game and very relaxing. Would love to see this on Apple Tv .. so, missing that one star for that.

Nice but ...

Flower is a very beautiful game and I enjoy playing it but I think that it’s not a suitable game for mobile cuz after playing a few minute my phone(iphone 7) starts getting so hot and it gets glitchy.

Fun but

Level 5 is very laggy, and crashes

How do I get a refund ?

It is boring and should not be called a game under any circumstances 👎👎👎

This is a amazing game but...

I am having some trouble with the controls. I find this game hard to control because it’s just moving so fast, and the flower petals are spinning every time you stop touching the screen. Can you maybe make it go a little more slow?

Worth every penny

Worth every penny. This is absolutely the most beautiful game ever! It’s an experience all together. One critique! Way too short please more levels!!!

Awesome game but..

I loved this game when I downloaded it. As soon as I started playing it, I got addicted. I finished the whole game in a day and was disappointed that there were only six levels. And sometimes when I have to put down my phone in the middle of a level when I turn it back on the game froze in the part I left off on making me restart the whole level.

Charged me extra

I loved the game I owned it in ps3. Was on sale for 2.99$ so I decided to purchase and I check my bank account and it charged me 12.98.

How to Control

This is a five star game all around. If you're having trouble with the controls, here's how you fix it: Stop trying to go forwards when you're losing control. Seriously. That's it. I'm not trying to belittle anyone, I've simply played this game on PS3 and PS4 and it works the same on iPhone. The one thing that is different is that sometimes it won't want to turn one way; in that case you can turn in the opposite direction and get where you need to go. This game is a nightmare to control ONLY if you try and force it to do what you want. If you're losing control and can't make the game do what you want, if you start feeling like the game is controlling you rather than you controlling it, slow down. Take a moment to get a bearing on your surroundings. This is not a racing game. It is a beautiful game with beautiful scenery for you to enjoy. Don't try and race through it. The best analogy I can find for the controls is that it controls like a boat. Now, if you're an FPS player, this is your worst nightmare. But the game is designed to control like this. You wouldn't hop in a boat and expect it to drive like a car, not if you wanted to get anywhere that is. The petals are like dancers, going to their own rhythm. You have to figure out what that rhythm is.

Strange flashes

This game is beautifully made and so many stunning visuals; I have an iPhone 6 that ran the first level well. But I had business to do and I had to redo the first level, this time it spazzing and flashing many times with different colors. I tried to ignore and proceed. The second level ran normal surprisingly, but by the third level it started doing it again. I’ve already re-downloaded the game but the issue persists. I will gladly review and give the full five stars if this gets replied to and or gets a bug fixed. Amazing game.

Needs work

Cmon guys... add on screen controls, tilt controls are garbage. Also didn’t save my progress

Control is cumbersome on iPad Air

This is a beautiful game n I couldn’t wait to get it. Went on sale n I snapped it up. But, I imagine, on the PS the controls r far more manageable. I can see it easily adapted to the iPhone. But with the iPad, it all becomes a bit MUCH!!! In game description u should note this. I’m soooooo disappointed. Thanks for nothing!!! Glad I only paid $2.99... By the way, I loved Gorogoa. Beautiful game!!! If Old Man’s Journey was yours, I thought that was a lovely game n I enjoyed it. But, alas, all I can say about Flower is...beautiful but hard to control (iPad).

Auto save please

I love this game. 5 stars if it saved your progress every 45 seconds. That’s my only complaint.

Visual Glitches?

I’ve played this before on the playstation. It was potentially the most beautiful game i’ve ever experienced. Easily a 5 star review but on my device, there is flashing of a random color every couple of seconds and sometimes constantly. I’m not sure what it is as Flower is supported by my phone. The game does function it’s just the flashing ruins the experience.

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