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Great game, just missing one thing

This is a Fantastic Game!! It was very relaxing. But I finished all the levels and now there is no more to do. I think there should be a freeplay level.

Oh my gosh!So relaxing!

The music and the graphics mix together into beauty!It is so calming!I would buy this app again in a heartbeat

[insert name here]

The graphics are amazing. So much detail. The story is a bit weird, but the gameplay is ok. Everything is fine but the only thing I would like to add is that I would like to control the speed of the flower petals. Everyone’s saying it’s hard, but it’s not THAT hard

Tilt controls differ day to day

Supposed to be relaxing...the tilt controls swirl you every which way. 2 days ago - no problem! Today I was so frustrated I gave up in the first meadow! There should also be an option to start where you left off. Is it my phone or this very glitchy and fickle?

Great game, bad controls

I’ve owned this on PlayStation 3, 4, and vita. Now I have on my iPhone phone & iPad! Great idea and controls should play out the same but they don't, they always pull to much to right or left & I've even the edge of the device on a flat table to calibrate but it still doesn’t fix. These are the only controls available which are through gyro so it’s now unplayable. Shame. As a fan of that game company it’s a real disappointment.

Love the concept but still needs work

I fell in love with the game during a game exhibit in our city. Don’t have a PS and was disappointed that I couldn’t play it. I was ecstatic when it became available in the Apple store. Absolutely love catching all flowers with the music and tranquil environment. But on the third flower pot the tilting controls don’t work as well. I get that I need to move above the wind to return but I cannot keep my petals down to catch the other flowers I missed on the first and second run. This makes the game become more like others - frustrating. In addition, my phone starts getting really hot 😕. I wish those two issues could be fixed.


What am I supposed to do??

Maybe not for me

I guess I don’t get this experience. Fly around gathering flowers, simple enough. But one has to fly close enough to the flowers to advance (game response time?). Seems like a casual “game” though. Fly out of bounds and you’re gently prodded back to game area. No progress opening up? Fly around some more. Meh...

Some blemishes on a beautiful experience:

I am usually an action game person, but wanting to relax, I picked up this little gem. I really enjoy it, it has beautiful graphics and appropriate music, and even though it’s open-needed, you do feel like you’re on a journey throughout the levels on your way to the objective. One thing however, is the map design is very pretty, but also hard to navigate. Often you can get lost, moreso on the later darker levels than the earlier but still. That’s really not enough to hurt it for me; what really sets me off are the tilt controls. I don’t know if it’s my phone or what but I often found myself stuck in endless loops and having to pull some daring barrel role to escape and hold my phone cockeyed until something ingame reset it. This is because the baseline for, “fly straight,” also changes, so I was holding my phone at numerous different angles, to the point where the portrait was flipping because I was upside down trying to hit the necessary flower objectives. I really enjoy the game, but the entropic controls really marred my enjoyment. I was never really able to get into that meditative flying that was alluded to. I still recommend the game, especially if you want a smooth experience to go through and have a newer phone.

Wish I could control better

Wonderful idea and when I can control the petals even a little, I love it. I just wish I could control better. Will return and write new review if I ever get the hang of it. I come away from it depressed and distressed. I will keep it though, to practice. Also, no problems with downloading or crashing, however it does make my ipad air very hot and eats up the battery.


There are 5-6 levels this is dissapointing. They could have more. I completed it and know im sad that i cant play anymore

I would love it if there was Controller support.

This game is great but I genuinely cannot enjoy it when I need to awkwardly touch the screen, tilt the device while also having a comfortable viewing angle. If there was controller support, (even if only for the screen pressing) I’d enjoy the game a lot more

One of my top 5 favorites of all time

Just like the original. Needs a little work with increased wind speed. Also control sensitivity options would be nice as well as an option to zero my phone to neutral on the fly when I change positions. Strange that ThatGameCompany’s logo is absent.


Been waiting forever for this to come out on iOS All to just get booted out about every 2-3 minutes..just kicked out and taken to my home screen like it never happened. So upsetting because I know this game and it’s a 5 STAR hands down. My other complaint is during the lucky 2-3 minutes I do get to play it stalls a lot like music stops and I can’t do any movement for a few seconds...also doesn’t save where u left off..so all the work put into completing a pot and boom gone, sorry got to start all over..also why can’t any good games like this ever come out for the MacBook Pro? I mean it’s 2017 come on!

Button Controls

Any chance of getting button control interface? Great game otherwise!

I loved it

It was the best game I’ve ever played

So hard to control

I am not sure if I am TALENTED enough to play this game, it is just really hard to control and play with.


At first I was really skeptical about buying this game because after reading the reviews it seemed kinda 50/50 some said the controls were to hard and others said they loved it. I bought this game to help me relax and have played journey which is another game from the same creator that won game of the year and loved it so I decided to give this one a try and loved it the controls aren’t that difficult and it’s a beautiful game and the music is very relaxing. I would buy this game again in a heart beat. If your having trouble deciding rather to buy it or not you should definitely buy it.

This is the best game I have played

I am extremely grateful to have played such an amazing, breathtaking game. Please make more levels tho.

Basic flaws to an otherwise great game

I updated my rating after hearing back from their support team. I still think the flaws need to be addressed, but it sounds like they’re working on it. Will update again as I get further along in the game, now that I understand how the save mechanic works (you have to beat the entire level to save your progress.) Original review: I have two major gripes with this game. First, I can’t seem to save my progress. This game loses all of its relaxation value by being essentially worse than permadeath games. Upon going to the menu to see what it offers, I also wound up accidentally resetting my game without so much as a prompt. Second, being able to manually zero out the vertical horizontal seems like too obvious a feature to have missed. It’s not nearly as bad as on console, but in my opinion, neither version should be without this obvious and simple feature. I think if these two issues were resolved, it would deserve four or five stars, and I would update my review accordingly. These ought not to be hard fixes; the game deserves it to really live up to the rest of the package.

John 3:8

Even though this is not a “Christian” game, still I find this game really similar to what Jesus said to Nicodemus in the Gospel of John, where the wind carries petals around the world and restores everything “lost” in our world, and so everything is born again, though we do not know where the wind comes from. This game is really perfect, even for Christians like me ( I am Catholic, by the way😉), that can help gamers to take some time off of action, or very violent games to enjoy some tranquility and beauty in this game.


This is a great game for depression or those with limited abilities!

Control issues in an amazing port

This is an amazing port of a PS3 game that I have always wanted on handheld! I love the graphics and vibration effects on my iPhone 7 Plus, however the game does suffer from some control issues... often times it is hard to control the petals, and sometimes you end up with no control at all, which is frustrating. Even with the control issues (which I'm sure will be fixed in an update) I highly recommend this game! Well worth the money!


I think that this game was awesome and fun to play I just wish that there were more levels

Do NOT buy!

I got this game because it looked really cool. When I started playing it the controls weren’t working properly and the game kept crashing. I updated my phone and deleted the game and reinstalled it but it kept glitching! Worst $5 ever spent!

Frustrating beauty

Yes, the graphics are beautiful and the world enchanting; but, out of your control. Swivel your device to the change direction... until the game decides to change to a different direction on its own. It’s disorienting. Press and hold the screen to move forward... until the game decides you’ve moved forward long enough. Rather than a relaxing flight over wondrous terrain, a dizzying tumble of starts and stops is all you get. My hand hurts from instinctively pressing harder, which of course is silly, to keep moving when the flight slows down. I revisit the game from time to time hoping to relax. I generally come away disappointed.

Works great on iPad Air 2

This game perform well on my iPad Air 2. The controls function as expected and it didn’t crash. However, on my iPhone 6s Plus, the controls are wonky and it crashed the first time I launched the app. Make sure your device is up to the task if you’re interested in buying this.

So relaxing

I love this game it’s not really a game if you’re looking for a game shoot them up kill people this is It. I am not a gamer, I tried but I just can’t get into them not even the chickie thing anyways this is really nice


It's only six level and I can't steer easily. But it is a beautiful game.

Was hoping for an auto play feature

Love the visual presentation of this app. Very relaxing. I was hoping I would find an auto-play option in the app config so the game would work like a screensaver. I like having my iPad on at work showing something relaxing since I work out of a basement and thought this my be a great “virtual window” I could have running to give me something to look at other than cube walls. How do I make a feature request for this thing???

Wow just wow

I was a bit skeptical of this game as it seemed more like a tech demo than a game but after and hour of playing I’m just blown away. I can’t remember ever having such a relaxing and meditative experience playing a game before. Although the controls can take some practice the experience is very immersive and quickly becomes very natural. This really is a gem and I would recommend everyone experience this unique and innovative dream like game.


I do hope there will be more levels!

The app had froze. Less than 5 minutes.

I would like an refund. Go with my PS3 disk.

Controls are Wonky

I want to love the game. When I can control it right, it is nice. The graphics and sound are beautiful and soothing. Unfortunately, the controls are a major problem. I frequently find myself unable to go in the direction I am trying to aim for because the tilt is not reading correctly. I end up doing a lot of circling around while trying to reach certain flowers. I purchased this game in the hopes it would be meditative and relaxing. As it is, I find it frustrating. I wish I had the option for a D-pad.

Relaxing, but...

Randomly freezes and controls simply aren’t as intuitive as they’re made out to be. This ramps up the anxiety a bit. Otherwise lovely graphics and soothing music.

Awkward to play on 13” iPad Pro

Not a good iPad game, due to unwieldy tilt controls. The tilt controls work fine on iPhone 7+.

Game crashes at level III

Every time I get to a certain point in level III the game crashes. It either shuts down completely or if I turn it off it will always restart from the beginning on the third flowerpot or level III. This has become so frustrating that I have stoped playing the game! Even after the fix it still restarts at the end of every session of level three!!! How about a response or better yet a fix.

The opposite of zen

I like motion control, but the motion control in this game only frustrates me. Half the time I seem to have no control at all, and the other half I still can’t get it to do what I want. So, I can’t complete even the first level. On top of that, the App Support link took me to a web site that doesn’t have any information about this game.


Alright so if you’re looking for a relaxing cool very beautiful peaceful game to play and you’re willing to spend the money for it. This is definitely the game for you. I don’t write reviews at all but this one needed to be reviewed. It’s a great game as well as a great canvas. I 10/10 recommend!


This is the most beautiful piece of art that I’ve ever had the honor of playing. Flower deserves every award it has won and more. It has been amazing to play on my iPhone plus and especially on my iPad Pro 12.9 is absolutely amazing experience. I don’t think you could have an unpleasant experience no matter what iDevice at any size. This isn’t just a game, it’s an Experience. Do yourself a favor and go through this experience. You will not be disappointed. You will be better because of it.

Keeps freezing

Keeps freezing ... I’m begging you ... Please answer me. I paid money and I really want it to work. I have the newest iPad.

Not easy to steer

I have the PlayStation game and loved it. However, the iPhone app is hard to steer. I do like that you can play without data though.


It is amazing game

Begging for VR!

Wonderful port of a beautiful experience. Runs very smooth on iPhone 7. I would love to see a VR version of this game, it seems so perfectly suited for it—the thought of flying through the tall grass and chasing petals in VR already makes me feel relaxed.


This really isn’t a game. More of a nausea simulator. I’ve played tens of thousands of hours of first person games and this is one of the very few that makes me feel sick due to disconnect between the controls and what you see on the screen. The graphics are ok but nothing special. I know I’m supposed to feel relaxed but most of the time it’s frustrating because the controls are so bad. Unless you know for sure you like this app, save your money until it’s a dollar.

Like a magical meditating experience

I loved playing Flower, it was the most relaxing game by far I’ve ever played. And the graphics are AMAZING! It’s hard to explain how to play this game, but once you start you end up “feeling your way” around it, and it’s a very vivid experience. I tried to use a Mfi controller, but sadly it wasn’t supported (please add controller support! That would be the icing on the cake here) The only drawback is that sometimes I feel like I’m getting motion sickness when I tilt it too far one way or another, hence why I tried using a controller, but it didn’t work. Oh well, the game is still SO amazing! Keep up the excellent work, guys!

To all the one-star reviewers: JUST RELAX ALREADY

This isn't a game about scoring points or beating baddies or racing against time limits. You're the wind! You play and explore and collect flower petals along the way. If you're stressing out while playing Flower, I'd argue that you're not 'playing' at all. Stop, breathe, and ENJOY. To the creators of this beautiful experience, my only complaint would be that it ends too soon. I'd happily pay again if it meant access to more levels. Thank you so much for porting this to iOS so I can take Flower with me everywhere! 🌼🌷🌹🌻🌸🌺

Good game

It just crashes sometimes, I hope you keep making games like this one.

Hot phone, low battery

It was kind of difficult for me (as someone who doesn’t play a lot of tilt to rotate/relief games, but I ended up deleting it because it made my phone really hot and drained a lot of battery.

Someone told a fairy what video games were and she made this game

Very relaxing

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